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night right as the warriors game was getting out. claudine wong joins us now from oakland along 880. >> reporter: the freeway was shut down for hours over night while the investigation continued. we are at jackson street onramp where this happened. it is open to traffic as is all of interstate 880. there is still evidence of the flairs that was set up while this was shut down. here's what we know at this hour. it's about 10:35 when the first call came into the chp about some kind of collision. six minutes later oakland police got a call about shots fired and a possible argument. a minute later the first chp officers got on the freeway and realized they had much more on their hands. >> this is a preliminary investigation and what we know so far is that there was a white porsche. either entering the freeway here at jackson street or already on the freeway. at some point gunshots were
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fired. parties inside of the white porshe were struck by the gunfire. the driver of the white porshe was discovered dead inside the vehicle. >> there was also a passenger inside that porshe that was shot too. he got out of his car and struck by one passing car. there is no one in custody and police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. they are not sure if this porshe was getting on the freeway or somewhere south of this location. they don't know if the victims were coming from the warriors game. we do know they were not wearing any warriors gear and did not have anything in the car to indicate they were there. now back out here live where this all happened. what we have learned about the victims they are both african american member in men in -- african american men in their early to late 20s. the chp has been interviewing
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many witnesses who stopped but they are also asking anyone who might have been in the area who saw something or heard something or knows anything about this to come forward. live here in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. there has been a late night officer involved shooting. it began with a suspected stolen car and ended with two drivers and a deputy fearing for the life of another officer. tara moriarty is near castro valley. >> reporter: we are here near the onramp where the shooting happened. it actually our news crew arrived just after the sheriffs office shut down the 580 onramp. we are right near mission boulevard. around 11:15 last night sheriffs deputies spotted a buick. officers chased the car to the onramp. the driver jumped out but was quickly stopped. a passenger then tried to drive the car. >> as he was driving away the
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deputy was getting drug along with the car and a third deputy fired into the vehicle. striking the now driver in the torso. >> reporter: the suspect was taken to eden medical center where he is listed in critical condition. deputies also arrested a female passenger. investigators think the three suspects had earlier escaped a high speed chase with dublin police. an early morning fire in redwood city. firefighters say debris caught fire in the back of a pickup truck at about 2:00 this morning. the truck was parked in the back of business. was put out quickly and firefighters say it's too early to know a cause. >> we have no evidence as to an intentional start. and we have no reason to believe that it could have started for other reasons. so it's being investigated right now. >> no one was inside the truck add the time when it caught fire and the business was not e
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captures the rose move of san francisco state university dorm room that sent one officer to the hospital. >> stop. stop. >> this video was recorded by a person who says her and four friends were invited to mary ward hall around 8:00 last night. two of them went outside to smoke a cigarette but came running back to say police were there and they were being arrested. it's still unclear who called police. >> we were here visiting our friends. it was not a protest. we were all unarmed. >> the girl filming says she pulled the fire alarm hoping to alert more people. so far no word on how the officer was injured or his condition. federal investigators rescued a child from the home a
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68-year-old david stevens was arrested after a nation-wide man hunt. investigators believe the child he found at his apartment were in those videos. a few hours from now more than 3,000 bay area nurses will walk off the job. they are kicking off a seven- day strike against sitter health prop pesting proposed cuts to their bay and health care benefits. this is video after a previous walk out and today's action will be the ninth strike in less than two years. the strike begins at 7:00 a.m.. it is taking place at two facilities in berkeley and one in oakland. also at eden medical center. the strike is not expected to effect patient care. some nurses and doctors at marin general hospital claim a computer glitch may be
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compromising patient care. among their complaints patients receiving the wrong medication. coming up at 4:45 the recent upgrade they blame and how the hospital is responding. time is 4:35. today you can see the best cyclists in the world make their way through san jose but be prepared for road closures and delays. cyclists will have individual trials starting at 12:45 this afternoon. it starts at the ibm civil son valley lab. road closures are expected along the route as well as limited parking. they have been making their way to the bay area ever since. tomorrow's race begins in livermore and goes up mt. diablo. it's definitely going to be a wild weekend in the city as thousands come out for this years bay to breakers. the increase in security comes after the bombings last month. they have added security
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cameras to various spots along the route and installed see threw trash cans that can be easily searched. >> we've been in conversations with boston pretty much since the day it happened. being briefed on what they have in place, what they would have done differently. >> police are encouraging anyone who may see anything suspicious on the route to alert authorities. police are also being -- we'll have live coverage of both the bay to breakers and the amgen tour every day. and on sunday morning we'll bring you the events live as they happen. also tomorrow san francisco police chief greg suhr will be joining us with everything you need to know about the race. it will be a very busy weekend. >> very busy. 4:37 is the time right now. hopefully it's not a busy friday. >> it's actually good.
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and i will say it before dave clark says it we have made it to friday. >> we've made it to friday. >> good morning, everybody. we have made it to friday. pam brought up a good point the last few fridays we haven't had the lighter conditions. right now it is light on 80 westbound. heading out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza it will be light. something that will start happening in the next few weeks is people get off for school we will see lighter than usual conditions. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic is looking good. 4:38 let's go to steve. and making it to friday beats the alternative. >> not making it to friday. >> all right we have a cool pattern in place. that system yesterday well the clouds are gone. expect for patchy low clouds but it's a cooler morning.
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upper 40s. mid 40s. low 50s. a little chill to the morning air. it will be sunny and breezy today. temperatures actually cool off a little bit as the entire system moves over us. cool morning. sunny and breezy. just patchy low clouds but it looks like sun for coast, bay and inland. warmest day appears to be sunday. there goes our system. it's still carving itself out over the west coast. sunny and breezy. chilly morning. patchy low clouds. temperatures 60-75. in fact, i think the warmest locations won't be that bad. that being antioch and brentwood. bay to breaker there will be patchy low clouds. start off at 50s. i think it will be mostly sunny by the time it ends.
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if you're rinks no rain. but maybe a little fog and cool. it will be warmer especially on sunday into monday and a big cooling trend starts tuesday. the clock finally struck midnight for the cinderella warriors. their dream season ended last night with a 94-82 loss to the spurs. the spurs won four games to two. but the warriors never game up. steph curry scored 22 points. he says the team fought to the finish for their fans. >> for a warriors team to be in this position, it's a good thing. and we can build on this for next year. >> last night's game was the 38th straight sellout for oracle arena. head coach says he is inspired by the success of this season and the foundation for the future. tomorrow night's game at hp pavilion is a must win for the sharks. they are down two games to none after winning 4-3 last night.
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they were ahead late until they gave up two goals in 22 seconds. the sharks suffered a blow before the game started. torres was suspended for the rest of the season. coming up from hatchet wielding hero to the main suspect in the deadly beating. also new troubles for the america's cup. the reason there could be fewer teams by the end of the day. good morning. if you are driving on the east bay and the south bay westbound 237 where those two areas meet looks good so far. we'll tell you more straight ahead. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that.
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one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. good morning. we have patchy low clouds. only 60s and 70s. this morning several people are still missing after at least a dozen tornadoes ripped
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through north texas. one of the hardest hit areas is grand berry where six people were killed. the sheriff says he is confident the missing people will be found alive. most people have not been allowed back to their homes. they say they are eager to see what if anything they have left. a san jose man is due in court this morning to face charges in the fatal stabbing of his mother and one-year-old nephew. police captured ruben ramirez. the deadly attack took place inside ramirez's home wednesday afternoon. his three-year-old niece was injured that attack. ramirez has a long history of is mental problems and trouble with the law. 4:45 is the time right now. kay the hatchet wielding hitchhiker is facing murder charges. this is video when he went
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viral and stopped an attack on a fresno utility worker in february. yesterday he was arrested at a philadelphia bus station. prosecutors say he killed a new jersey attorney insideth victim's home. they say kai who's real name is caleb was staying with the lawyer and the two had a sexual relationship. the attorney's body was found on monday. >> some nurses at marin general say a new computer system designed to improve patient safety may now be compromising care. the hospital says on may 7th it went live with a new system called cpoe that allows doctors to directly enter medical orders into a computer that eliminates the need for handwritten orders. but the california nurses association says doctors and nurses didn't get enough training on the system. >> med since and orders in general on the wrong patients. sometimes on patients that have been discharged. >> marin general ceo released a statement saying i have not received any medication errors
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that has resulted in my implementation. apple ceo asked congress to simplify tax laws. he says he has specific proposals that would encourage companies to bring their overseas profits back to the u.s.. about 1,000 companies hold an estimated $1.7 trillion in overseas earnings. the 35% tax rate they would have to pay is too high to bring that money back to the u.s.. later today the san francisco pride board plans to name its choice for the grand marshal. last month the board named bradley manning as a grand marshal but later reversed its decision. some people say she should be reinstated but sf pride says that will not happen. we could also learn today whether america's cup italian team will compete in on t n fra
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this is the photo of them competing last month. the team's owner is expected to arrive in san francisco this morning. he will discuss his concerns. one italian yachting official is saying he is seriously considering pulling out. that would leave three teams for the big race. more than one quarter of the palm trees along the san francisco embarcaderos could be dying. 26 have been diagnosissed with a highly contagious disease caused by fungus. the expect of public works says it can't afford to replace every tree so now it's trying to slow the spread of the disease. third time was the charm for 23-year-old candice glover who has tried out for the show
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twice before. last night she edged out harrison for the title. the show included a farewell celebration for randy jackson. if you want a shot at next year's title online auditions began last night. time is 4:48. i think sal will try out. sal? >> sure. let me sing into this microphone here. >> serenade us. >> no, i don't think so. i will give you timely traffic information. right now traffic has been well around the bay area. still off to a good start. we were talking about how last few fridays were a little busier than what we expect. 80 westbound still looks good heading out to the maze and no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had earlier incidents but the freeway is open. in fact, right now traffic is looking good. it looks like there is one car
4:50 am
here at the toll plaza that was stopped. northbound 280 looking good through downtown san jose. now let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a little cool under mostly clear skies. some of that cool air from yesterday's system filtering in even though the clouds have pushed off toward the east. we'll have a breezy day today. sunny, breezy. not too bad. i was looking 15-25. but still pretty good westerly breeze in place. patchy low clouds over the weekend but it will be warmer. more so on sunday. 40s for some. low mid 50s for some. a westerly breeze in place. oakland sfo for most it's a south, southwest, north, northwest. 38 up in tahoe. 37 ukiah. 50s in the valley. system is moving out and higher clouds are there just a little bit. patchy low clouds. otherwise we are looking for lots of sunshine and no rain to
4:51 am
be found. temperatures today sunny and breezy. patchy low clouds. and temperatures today kind of settling in. 60s and 70s. not much of a change coast, bay, and inland. the bigger jump will be tomorrow for inland areas. bay to breakers starts off with partly cloudy skies, low clouds. should be better as the -- should be much better as the race progresses. big drop in the temps starts tuesday and wednesday. time now 4:51. coming up an elaborate scheme to steal credit card numbers. she was known as the neighborhood grandmother. how a richmond community plans to honor a woman who was gunned down in her sleep.
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[ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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i want to show you this wall. it's riddled with gunfire. it's the last memory surrounding 64-year-old banita todd's life. when someone opened fire. neighbors say todd was a big part of their community. a neighborhood grandma.
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>> she was there through both of my son's murders. she was there. she was my support. she was my everything. >> friends say todd loved to garden. that is why they are are going to plant neighborhood garden in her memory. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the richmond police department. people in walnut creek you are being warned to check your bank accounts following a scam targeting credit card users. police say credit card skimmers were found at two gas stations this week. one was discovered at the chevron station and north main street. the other at the va lair hoe. both devices were inside the gas pump. making impossible for customers to see. >> they will have your card number and they can duplicate it and make purchase on that same stared. >> police are looking at surveillance video to try to figure out who attached those
4:55 am
skimmers. they also checked every other gas station in town. they are alerting other cities to be on the lookout. just as cyclists get ready to ride up mt. diablo people who live near the state park are demanding a ban on out of state riders. cyclists are cutting through neighborhoods to get to the trail. the community plans to meet next month to ban cyclists in town limits. a mountain lion is in town. ktvu was there for the whole rescue operation. rescuers from the puma project had to tranquilize the animal. they were able to capture him, exam him and release him back in the wild. we are told he never posed any danger. >> it's nice when they are able to release them back in the
4:56 am
wild. i think. 4:55 is the time. sal, how is friday commute? >> so far so good. let's take a look at 280 northbound. it's wide open for you here in downtown san jose getting up to highway 17. no problems here if you are driving in the east bay this is a look at interstate 880 north and southbound and we have a good looking commute. if you are driving across the san mateo or dumbarton bridge still a nice drive. 4:56 let's go to steve. good morning, everybody. we have a cooler pattern over us. even though it's mostly clear. fairfield is 51. san jose is in there as well. 52 redwood city. it's a little chill in the morning air. it will be sunny today. just patchy low clouds. even though it's sunny the cool air is filtering this. you can see it right there as it dips over the state. tomorrow will be the day we
4:57 am
start to warm up. today sunny and breezy. then we've got some of that sunshine but temperatures kind of held in check here. 60s and 70s. just too much cool air aloft. that allows temperatures to be quite comfortable. cool saturday morning and warmer weather especially on sunday. nice on monday and then a cooling trend starts on tuesday. coming up a new campaign to get high-tech workers to move out of silicon valley this time. also deadly highway shooting just as fans were leaving the warriors game last night. what we have learned about that gunfire.
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a shooting on the bay area freeway over night leaves two people dead. what we are learning about the victims and the investigation now under way. we are live in castro valley where a traffic stop turns ugly. we'll tell you why the driver ran and why a deputy was forced to shoot. some of the best cyclists in the word will be pedaling across san jose today. how the big race cold cause big traffic problems. another corporate campaign to get high-tech workers to move out of silicon valley.
5:00 am
this one comes from north of the border. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 news. good morning. thank you for jinx us it's friday. may 17th i'm pam cook. >> pam is happy i'm happy. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is right there. >> a little cooler. under clear skies. good morning highway 4 westbound looks pretty good. also the morning commute is moving along very nicely if you are driving on 680 nearby. taking a look at 680 on the sunol grade. that traffic looks light. let's go back to dave and pam. topping our news this morning new details

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